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Welcome to the NHibernate community site!!

Since the end of 2007 NHibernate has enjoyed increasing popularity as an object-relational mapping framework for .NET software projects.  Along with that came a steady increase in the community of NHibernate users, contributors, and related projects.  As this community grew and matured, we have seen an explosion in the number of blogs, FAQs, training materials, discussion groups, and other NHibernate-related resources on the Internet.

Even the 'formal' official resources for NHibernate have proven insufficient to the growing task of supporting this community.  The documentation in its static HTML form is difficult to search, index, and use as a live reference.  The discussion forum has limited interactivity and flexibility, and there isn't a structured way, for other community members, to contribute to the centralized content.

As related contributing projects have grown up to offer additional services to extend NH, the resources for these projects have been similarly scattered across the Internet and its difficult to get a complete picture of the entire universe of NH tools and capabilities for anyone considering using these technologies.  This in turn hinders the adoption of this wider collection of tools as many NH users are simply unaware of their existence.

The challenge of NH Forge is provide a single centralized resource for all things related to NH offering a community blog, an easy to use WIKI, other related community-oriented tools.

NH Forge will provide an aggregation point for all NH Community resources as well as offering a jumping-off point for new NH community members looking to get started with NH. In few words a place to have a cohesive community working together.

If you are interested in starting to contribute by writing articles, providing content for a wiki, or provide value in any other way you can imagine, please feel free to contact us (if you already have NH-related content of your own, we can even cross posting from your own blog).

Sign in and enjoy!!

Sincerely, Fabio Maulo.


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