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  • How to use Db2hbm

    Db2hbm is a reverse engineering tool able to generate hbm files from a database schema and some information contained in a configuration file. Unlike other commercial and open source tools serving the same purpose, db2hbm is not template based. The hbm output comes from a serialization based on the NHibernate...
    Posted to How to by supersi on 06-04-2010
    Filed under: Mapping, Nhibernate
  • NHibernate Workbench

    In the spirit of “ Release early. Release often. And listen to your customers ” ( cit. ), even if not so early in term of time since the preview , I decided to release a first drop of the “HQL Intellisense thing” I’m working on. The current version is just able to load an...
    Posted to NHibernate blog by felicepollano on 05-19-2010
    Filed under: query, mapping, querying, HQL
  • Creating a custom id generator for nHibernate

    I originally blogged about this here and here on my blog but Fabio suggested I add these posts to the Forge, so here I am. I have to say I am a little exited to make my first contribution to the Wiki [H]. I will try to add a bit more to them and show some examples that do not use the TableGenerator class...
    Posted to How to by Chris Nicola on 04-03-2010
    Filed under: FluentNH, IIdentifierGenerator, IPersistentIdentifierGenerator, Mapping, Nhibernate, TableGenerator
  • Db2hbm: convert db schema to hbm

    Here you can find a reverse engineering tool, and a documentation on how to use it . At present only MSSQL is fully supported, but should be easy to provide strategies for other DB. The project is open source and can be found here in the trunk.This tool does not generate classes, to do so you can use...
    Posted to NHibernate blog by felicepollano on 02-25-2010
    Filed under: mapping, generators
  • Customizing Fluent Nhibernate's AutoPersistenceModel Conventions

    (this was originally blogged about here ) One of the things I get a fair bit of use out of is the fluent nHibernate project and the AutoPersistenceModel. If you are not very familiar with fluentNH or AutoPersistenceModel then I would suggest checking out their wiki , as what I am about to discuss, while...
    Posted to How to by Chris Nicola on 12-25-2009
    Filed under: AutoPersistenceModel, convention over configuration, FluentNH, Mapping
  • Mapping different types - IUserType

    Recently I had a problem with the application I’ve been working on. One of entity types in my domain had a property of type uint . Not a big deal, until you want to store it in Microsoft SQL Server database which does not support unsigned types . I’ve been scratching my head for a moment...
    Posted to NHibernate blog by Krzysztof Kozmic on 10-15-2009
    Filed under: mapping, IUserType
  • NHibernate concurrency with Oracle's ORA_ROWSCN

    I'm just starting to get my feet wet with NHibernate and one of the topics that popup here at the bar (you are thinking about NH when you have a couple of cold ones, aren't you? [B] ) was if we could use something like sql server's timestamp column to handle concurrency with NH and Oracle...
    Posted to How to by JuanCho on 06-03-2009
    Filed under: Concurrency, Mapping, Nhibernate, Oracle, property, Version
  • NHibernate Filters

    One of the more interesting ability of NHibernate is to selectively filter records based on some global filters. This allow us to very easily create global where clauses that we can flip on and off at the touch of a switch. Let us take a look at see what I mean. We define the filter effectiveDate: <...
    Posted to NHibernate blog by Ayende on 05-04-2009
    Filed under: query, mapping, HowTo, querying
  • NHibernate Mapping - <many-to-any/>

    <many-to-any/> is the logical extension of the <any/> feature that NHibernate has. At the time of this writing, if you do a Google search on <many-to-any/>, the first result is this post . It was written by me, in 2005, and contains absolutely zero useful information. Time to fix that...
    Posted to NHibernate blog by Ayende on 04-22-2009
    Filed under: mapping
  • Retrieve a nested component with Criteria API

    Sometimes it may be necessary to retrieve a nested component type of a class. NHibernate does not provide any direct solution for this, and the most obvious aproach using a projection does not work. Using regular HQL it is possible to retrieve a component, but in more advanced situations it can be a...
    Posted to How to by Kenneth Siewers Møller on 03-31-2009
    Filed under: Component, Criteria API, Mapping, Projections
  • NHibernate Mapping Attributes

    "NHibernate Mapping Attributes" provides an alternative way for mapping entities to database via .Net's Attributes. To submit issues please go to here
    Posted to NHibernate Mapping Attributes by Tuna Toksoz on 08-29-2008
    Filed under: nhibernate contrib, mapping
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